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Minimal Wallet from Twig Case Co.

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Each Twig Case Co. Minimal Wallet is made from the same exclusive Richlite Paper and Bamboo that our durable iPhone cases are made from. We hand cut, file, sand, and polish each one from start to finish right here in Minnesota, in the USA. Each one is tested with a gift card, a stack of business cards, and a crisp dollar bill.

Our Minimal Wallet has maximal features that set it apart from the many others out there:

• It’s thinner than wood, and our Richlite Paper & Bamboo is much stronger too.

• The security of two elastic bands means they’ve got each other’s back! They’re inset for less thickness, and they hold foldin’ money, or anything you want to keep handy on the outside.

• We’ve fashioned a slight arch to our plates for easier card insertion, and less wear on the important stuff in the middle, like magnetic strips and your winsome mug.

• Our wallet bends, just like you. It works great in a front pocket, back pocket, side pocket and corner pocket.

• Want to Costanza it? Throw 30+ cards in there. We can take it. We question your commitment to minimal walleting though. Do you really still need that Blockbuster card?

• The Twig Wallet complements your beautiful Twig Case Co. iPhone case. 

• It’s made from trees, not critters.

The Twig Case Co. Bamboo & Paper Minimal Wallet: Paper, Thin, made in MN!

Small print ahead: Each Twig Case Co. Minimal Wallet is warrantied against breakage for a year. Got a wallet and decided it's not for you? You have 30 days to decide. See our Guarantee!

While your wallet doesn’t mind water, sweat, or name calling when it’s empty, bamboo is a natural material; there are grain, knots, and natural imperfections. Through regular use and flexing in your pocket, bamboo may shed some threads in the first weeks of use. Though our wallet is carefully finished with a light wax, bamboo can absorb dyes, so we don’t recommend use with new raw denim. Our solid color wallets are fine :)

We don’t cover broken bands, but we do offer replacements. We expect the world to have moved to trading in giant stone wheels or ubercoins by the time you need new bands.

The Twig Wallet measures approximately 3.5mm thick,10mm wide, and 98mm tall.

Every Twig Case is made from Paper, & Stronger than Wood cases!

Save a Tree! Buy a Twig!

The Twig Case is made from trees, but stronger than wood! Our exclusive layered paper called Richlite is fused under tons of pressure, locking the fibers together with a eco-friendly resin. This process makes our cases stronger than any plain wood or wood veneer case. Our hard paper surface is far more dense than wood, so we engrave at double the resolution, and get stronger, more detailed, more durable engravings than wood can handle! Best of all, Twig Case Co. only uses sustainably sourced materials - there's no chance of an endangered tree from a national park, or illegally logged wood being used in your case! Find out how Twig's paper case is better than wood on our FAQ page!

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