Oh, Deer!

Fresh from the warming woods, Oh Deer! A wee bird whispers news of the forest to it's deer friend, as the world wakes from its winter slumber!

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The Paper Case for iPhone

Handmade in Minnesota Since 2011 • Made from Trees, Stronger than Wood



  • Twig Case

    "I love my Twig Case and will never switch brands. Not only does it look awesome, but holding my phone feels like holding a really nice, smooth wooden block." - Wyatt

  • Twig Case

    "I can't recommend these Richlite cases enough, they hold detail like a champion, naturally darken as they are handled over time, and are made of the same surface material I've abused for years in outdoor skateparks across the upper Midwest." - Aaron Horkey, Fine Artist

  • Leaf Picks

    "When I saw the plastic pick, I was ready to give it a try. I can say the 3mm has been fantastic! It provides a sense of control I didn't know I was missing. The Leaf etching and thicker material is enough to keep it from slipping. I can say because of the comfort and confidence these have brought, playing has gotten better and is more fun. I cannot imagine using anything else. Keep up the good work!!" - Joe D.

  • Twig Case

    "To all y'all, False advertising! This case is WAY better than described on your site. Love it, love it, love it!" - Rick P.