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Cribbage Board

Cribbage Board

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15-2 got you? We learned how to play Cribbage a couple years ago, and since then it's been exposing our simple math ineptitude to all our friends. We have a few cribbage boards, but they were either too big and heavy, or not heavy enough so they'd skitter around when scoring, or just plain generic. 

Why not make one with all the features we want? We took a solid block of our recycled paper Richlite, trimmed it down to a nice size for travel - but not so small that it lacked some heft, and spent hours planning how to drill 120+ holes into a pleasing spiral.

We hand made the pegs in house with a grippy finish, and designed a convenient magnetically secure peg storage on the back. Then included some non-slip microsuede feet that keeps the board planted where you put it.

The Twig Cribbage Board is made entirely in our Minnesota shop from start to finish!

It's 5.5" square, .5" thick, and weighs about 10oz. Includes 3 sets of pegs.

Now with free custom text on the back! We'll customize your Cribbage Board with a paragraph of trash talk, a heartfelt thanks, a note of recognition, or whatever you like - just put your custom text in the order notes, and we'll take care of the rest!


Our Minimal Wallets are made from Richlite, a durable and sustainable material made from layers of paper compressed under tons of pressure; coupled with Bamboo or Walnut, and you have beautiful and eco-friendly protection for your iPhone!

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