Our Pals

Like what you see? Visit some of the people and organizations we like!

Richlite - It's paper, it's sustainable, and it's tough as nails 

Rainforest Alliance - Keeper of the sustainable flame

Forest Stewardship Council™ - Chain of custody for sustainable materials

Jim Woodring - amazing artist and illustrator of Frank

Loll Designs - Awesome outdoor furniture from recycled milk jugs

Intectural - Architectural Richlite for your house or city

Epicurean - Richlite cutting surfaces and kitchen tools

Grow Anthology - Richlite longboards of the finest quality

Olan Rogers - Olan is the most Olan

Aaron Horkey - Master of lines, art, and all that is detail

WKRMN - Maker of Knives, Heirloom Awesomeness & our Raindrop design

Daniel Danger - Illustrator of what is Behind You

Tin Can Valley Printing - Savior of the Printing Press, Crusher of Paper

Black Bobbin - Curator of Guitars, Amps, Musical Accessories and Coffee and Leaf Picker

Revel Custom Pickups - Winder of Wire, Master of Magnetics

William John Bennett III & YT-  Tester of Tone, Pusher of Pedals, Wrangler of Guitar, Leaf Picker


Some Music:

Wilco <- Chicago!

Owl City <- Owatonna!

The Last Revel <- Minneapolis!

Bill Frisell <- Seattle!

The Cactus Blossoms <- Minneapolis!

Uncle Muskrat <- Minneapolis!



International Distributors: 

JAPAN:  www.twigcase.jp


Want to be a distributor for Twig Case Co. in a faraway land? Let us know! 

Please contact sales@twigcase.com with inquiries.