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Press, reviews, & some nice things you've said about Twig Case Co.




"To all y'all, False advertising! This case is WAY better than described on your site. Love it love it love it!" - Rick P.

Macworld: Review: The Twig Case is a cool option for protecting your iPhone - 4.5 / 5 Mice!

"I can't recommend these Richlite cases enough, they hold detail like a champion, naturally darken as they are handled over time and are made of the same surface material I've abused for years in outdoor skateparks across the upper Midwest." - Aaron Horkey, Fine Artist

Metagamers: Video Review - 4.5 / 5

"The best iPhone case that doesn't look like a bunch of rubber bands wrapped around a walkman is the bamboo and paper Twig Case." - Tony B.

Tech-Reviewer: Review: "The Twig Case for iPhone 6+ is one of the most unusual and lovely cases that I have come across." & Video Review Russian site 10 / 5 (yes really)

"stunningly intricate design" - J.D.

iPhonelife: Twig Case Company: iPhone Covers Made From Sustainably Harvested Wood

"I love my Twig Case and will never switch brands. Not only does it look awesome, but holding my phone feels like holding a really nice, smooth wooden block." - Wyatt

The Office Stylist: I love my Twig iPhone Case!

"I've had my Twig Case for almost 7 months now, and I have dropped it (and my poor old iPhone) into the ocean. For over five minutes. I thought for sure the wood on the case would begin to warp or have SOMETHING wrong with it, but it's been about three months since that incident and it still looks perfect. Then of course, I dropped it into water again, and two weeks later, IT'S STILL PERFECT!!! I'm in awe of this case and am in love with it." - Kyra

Damacreviews: Bamboo iPhone cases from Twig Cases Co.

"Great stuff you do. Coworkers have remarked on this simple, elegant, beautiful inlay. I’ll show it to everybody I know." - Chas 

Marty Freedman: Made in America: A Very Doable Aspiration


Wallets Twig Case Co. Minimal Wallet

"I think the wallet is the greatest thing since sliced bread" - Rick

Best Slim Wallets:The Twig Case Minimal Bamboo Wallet


Alliance for American Manufacturing: The iPhone 6 is Made in China - But Go American-Made to Accessorize it

Racked: The Big Money, High-Stakes iPhone Case Race

Boing Boing: Woodring iPhone Case & Twig iPhone case features old comic book novelty shop ads

Inhabitat: Twig Case Co.'s Paper and Bamboo iPhone Cases Feature Eye-catching Laser Engraved Graphics

Modern Midwest: In Jon Lucca's World, iPhone Cases As Art

Pioneer Press: MN startups join hot iPhone accessory market & Local Co's ramp up new iPhone accessory lines

Minnesota Business: Q+A & Made in Minnesota: A Twig that doesn't Snap

EarthTechling: Eco-Friendly Engraved iPhone Cases Made From Paper & Bamboo

Martha Stewart: Martha Stewart American Made

Tools & Toys: Twig Case for iPhone

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