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Twig Case Co.

Leaf Guitar Picks - Black Bobbin Exclusive

Leaf Guitar Picks - Black Bobbin Exclusive

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This custom Leaf Pick was created in collaboration with Shelby Pollard, owner of the evolutionary Black Bobbin music shop in Chicago, Illinois. We made a number of prototypes for Black Bobbin, and redesigned our processes to make the perfect guitar pick to his specifications. 

The Black Bobbin Leaf Pick is 1.5mm thick, painstakingly shaped, uniquely beveled, and finely sanded. We then carefully polish the picking edge to a glasslike finish that glides over the strings with minimal friction and noise.

The Black Bobbin Leaf Pick is available exclusively at


The Leaf Pick is the result of years of experimentation, prototyping, and play testing. The Leaf Pick from Twig Case Co. is made from Richlite – recycled sheets of paper fused together under tons of pressure, which makes a sturdy, sustainable, super durable material – perfect for a guitar pick.

Richlite is already used for fretboards and bridges of fine guitars, outdoor skateparks, cutting surfaces and countertops in kitchens, and of course our sturdy and detailed iPhone cases and wallets.


The Leaf is based off our trademark Twig Case Co. logo, and is similar to a Jazz III shape, but is offset with a bit more surface for easier holding and grip. Rotating the pick in your hand gives you a number of other playing techniques and tonal qualities as you play. Flipping the pick opens up even more!

Our Paper picks have been compared to old-timey tortoise shell (now illegal) and vintage celluloid. It feels like a well-rounded Lake Superior beach stone in your hand, is light as a feather, and can improve your speed and accuracy as well as your tone. It even gets easier to grip as you play!

Every guitar pick is laser-engraved, hand beveled, polished, and finished, all one-at-a-time, all by hand, all in Waseca, Minnesota. 

NOTE: As these picks are made from layered paper, and hand finished, there is some variation. The Black Bobbin Leaf Pick is approximately 1.5 mm thick. +/- .5


What's a Leaf Pick?

The original Leaf Pick is made from Richlite, a durable and sustainable material made from layers of paper compressed under tons of pressure, perfect for a guitar pick!

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