Lantern Collection - Letterpress Greeting Cards

Tin Can Valley Printing

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These letterpress cards feature Craig's favorite lanterns from his collection, each a perfect example of form following function from yesteryear. Illuminate yourself!

Dietz No. 20 Junior

Woodcut print of the classic cold blast Dietz No. 20 Junior oil lantern.

Coleman Model 242C

Linocut print of a Coleman Model 242C single mantle pressure lantern.


These cards are blank inside (for your own message). Includes white A-2 envelope.

Printed from hand-carved blocks, old newspaper type, and worn-out engravings on antique letterpress equipment.

Every Twig Case is made from Paper, & Stronger than Wood cases!

Tin Can Valley Printing

For years, we've been hounding our friend Craig Kotasek, owner and operator of Tin Can Valley Printing to make his handcrafted illustrated letterpress cards and posters available to more than just lucky local attendees of craft and farmers markets. He finally agreed, but only if we didn't go on at length about how much we love his work.

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