Get Out There on Black Friday!

Black Friday means full parking lots, rushing from store to store, carts bashing into each other while shoppers lose their minds in the chaos. On the internet? It's endless "Black Friday" and Cyber Monday  ads, spam, annoying coupon codes, and a legion of questionable bargains. Sigh.

Bring some seasonal sanity to the shopping madness.

Go Outside. GET OUT THERE!

All Minnesota State Parks are free admission on Friday, November 27, 2015!

Get your family, your pals, your best gal, your favorite beau, your good ol' dog, and yourself, and treat yourself to the amazing wonders and beauty that Minnesota State Parks have to offer! 

Here's a list of all Minnesota State Parks - there is one near you!

In honor of our great state of Minnesota being awesome, Twig Case Co. is giving away some swell stuff!

  1. Post our picture below or one of your own State Park adventures on Instagram
  2. Follow us (@twigcaseco) on Instagram with your non-private account
  3. Use these hashtags in your post:


...and you can win one of (3) Twig Case Co. Paper or Paper & Bamboo Cases for your iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus! They're Made from Trees - Stronger than Wood!

Please include your Minnesota State Park in your post!

Winners will be announced on Monday, November 30th.

Not from or in Minnesota? Post a picture of a twig or branch from a tree in the outdoors by 10:42pm CST Monday, use the hashtag #FindYourTwig, and enter to win a Twig Case Co. case for your iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6/6s Plus. You can move to Minnesota later. We'll save you a spot.

Good Luck, and GET OUT THERE!