The Torch - A tribute to the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe Martin Guitar

The Torch - A tribute to the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe Martin Guitar

Painstaking, delicate, and detailed.

We're pretty excited to announce our most lovely case yet, The Torch.

Based off the famous inlay work on the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe Martin Guitar, this case features handmade abalone inlay nestled into our Ebony Black Richlite.

Richlite is the same sturdy stuff that prominent guitar makers use for guitar fingerboards and bridges – instead of ever more endangered Rosewood and Ebony woods. It's paper, and it's sustainable.

The Torch - A Tribute to the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe Martin Guitar

After a lengthy process of choosing the best and most complimentary abalone pieces, we carefully glue each piece in by hand. We then sand, polish and buff to a mirror sheen, just like we do for real guitars. All in our shop in Minnesota. 

This labor intensive process means these cases take more time to make, but are worth the wait. Expect an extra week or so. Note: These cases are limited, and we make no guarantees about availability. This is the most detailed inlay iPhone case in the world.

If you're a Martin Guitar fan, know one, or just love skillfully handmade items, you may have just found the perfect case!

Available for iPhone 6/6s & 6/6s PlusiPhone 7 & 7 PlusiPhone 8 & 8 Plus, and iPhone X

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