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Leaf Guitar Picks - The Petal Pick

Leaf Guitar Picks - The Petal Pick

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This Leaf Pick, called the Petal Pick, does something different. It's quiet.

The Petal Pick takes the edge off your sound! Made from a modified Delrin standard pick, it's recut, refinished, then covered in soft microsuede.

Gentle strumming turns into a muted performance, not unlike playing softly with finger tips. Palm muting gives you a warmer, rounder sound that just sounds vintage.

Solid body Bass guitars give you the thump of a big hollow body uprights. Acoustic guitars are given whole new levels of dynamics. Electric guitars suddenly sound dreamier. Ukuleles love these picks!

Better than felt or other soft picks, these keep their flat shape and improve with time. 

Best yet, the exposed pick tip lets you rotate your pick to the exposed pick surface, letting you emphasize a passage, or play a solo that stands out. It also lets you easily see what pick you're using. 

The Petal Pick comes in 4 seasons:

Winter (1 mm) Blue

Spring (.88 mm) Green

Summer (.73 mm) Yellow

Fall (.60 mm) Orange

The heavier picks provide a more muted tone, whereas the lighter ones are just lift a bit off the top end. 

Expand your tonal palette, practice your acoustic guitar without bothering others, explore new dynamic possibilities when recording! We love how these change how we approach the guitar every time we pick one up, and we think you'll love them too!

You can hear the Petal Pick in action on our pal William John Bennett's track here. He's using it on bass. 

Every guitar pick is laser-engraved, hand beveled, and finished, all one-at-a-time, all by hand, all in Waseca, Minnesota. 


What's a Leaf Pick?

The original Leaf Pick is made from Richlite, a durable and sustainable material made from layers of paper compressed under tons of pressure, perfect for a guitar pick!

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