Learn about our iPhone cases!

iPhone X case, It's Only Mountains in Bamboo and Paper

Our iPhone cases are created from our exclusive laser-engraved bamboo and black Richlite paper, bonded to a thermoplastic polyurethane and silicone frame – unique in the accessory world.

A Twig Case is sturdy, grippy, and cushioning, and keeps your iPhone safe while looking awesome, especially when combined with our curated designs from our talented illustrators.

Featuring a full wraparound design, our case protects the top and bottom of your iPhone as well as the buttons, while being easy to operate. The camera bezel is slightly raised to protect the protruding lenses. The raised screen bezel protects your screen when face down, and lets you lose yourself in the incredibly detailed and bold contrast of the durable laser engraving!

Our exclusive Richlite paper and bamboo material, fused together under tons of pressure, resists bending more than a thin veneer or solid wood. This helps protect your iPhone no matter what pocket you put it in.