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Twig Case Co.

Leaf Guitar Picks - The Acrylic Pick

Leaf Guitar Picks - The Acrylic Pick

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The Acrylic Leaf Pick - Clearly Better

Introducing the Leaf Picks Super Grip! We went through dozens of engraved grip iterations until we developed the best! Your Leaf Pick has never been so secure, both laterally and rotationally. Though it takes a bit more time and work to make, we think it's worth it!

Feather-light and frosted, the Acrylic Leaf Pick is smoother and glassier, and slides ever so readily across your strings! 

The Leaf Pick is the result of years of experimentation, prototyping, and play testing.

The innovative and original Leaf Pick is based off our trademark Twig Case Co. logo, and is similar to a Jazz III shape, but is offset with a bit more surface for easier holding and grip. Rotating the pick in your hand gives you a number of other playing techniques and tonal qualities as you play. Flipping the pick opens up even more!

The Leaf Standard is just that. A familiar dance parter, with a few new moves! Inspired by a treasured vintage celluloid plectrum we found in the case of one of our oldest guitars, the Standard has a bit less flex, and a lot more chime.

Every guitar pick is laser-engraved, hand beveled, polished, and finished, all one-at-a-time, all by hand, all in Waseca, Minnesota.

NOTE: As these picks are hand made and finished, there is some variation. All picks are approximately +/- .5 mm thick; the stiffness is in between a green or purple Tortex®, or Fender® Heavy / Extra Heavy.

Introductory pricing lasts while we finalize packaging and production. Buy anything over 9$ and you get a handmade Leaf or Standard pick for 1/2 off, automatically added at checkout!

What's a Leaf Pick?

The original Leaf Pick is made from Richlite, a durable and sustainable material made from layers of paper compressed under tons of pressure, perfect for a guitar pick!

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