Twig Case Co. is 5(ish) years old Sale!

Twig Case Co. is 5(ish) years old Sale!

Way back in October of 2011, while designing a eco-friendly guitar, we had the idea of an iPhone case made from Richlite, a super tough and beautiful layered paper material. After months of scribbled designs and prototypes, 3d prints and innovations, we had our first case in our hands. On July 4th, 2012, the Twig Case Co. store went live, and we sold our first cases!

Years later, we've made and rehomed thousands of sustainably made cases, engraved with amazing designs from incredible artists, and lovingly handmade and finished. We've shown that a case made from paper is stronger than a wood case, and shown that a bit of art doesn't have to hang on your wall, it can come with you everywhere you go! We've even expanded our offerings with our popular and unique Minimal Wallet!

Since we're feeling all patriotic and nostalgic, and we can't really decide when our birthday is, we've put most everything on sale! Have a look, grab a case, or just say hi! 

Thanks for your support!

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