Wilco Sunloathe iPhone 5 case February 11 2013

We're pretty excited to announce our new Wilco Sunloathe case, for the iPhone 5. 

Now available, exclusively on the Wilco Kung Fu store! 

See our fuzzy friend in his animated debut below! Art by Nathaniel Murphy.


The Twig Case Patina January 08 2013

In our FAQ, we talk about how using a Twig Case darkens it, and just generally looks better. Here's a picture showing our solid Red Meander design ready to ship, and one after a little less than a week of use. We're pretty sure most iPhone cases don't look better with age, but Twig Cases do.

Our new packaging is more than meets the eye. October 05 2012


We here at Twig Case Co. are pretty proud of our new packaging, and pretty excited to tell you that it uses less material, while being more useful. Now shipping with all Twig Cases!

Wheels on a Twig Case? September 19 2012

That's crazy. 

Our pals at Grow Anthology make longboards out of Richlite, the same FSC® certified paper composite that Twig Cases are made of. Not only are they strong enough to withstand the rigors of people riding them down winding roads, Grow Anthology makes them in their own shop, in the US. Products that are strong, well designed, and made locally out of sustainable materials? No wonder we like these guys!

They've just finished up a beautiful film, which not only makes me long for more hills in our neck of Minnesota, but also features a Twig Case, as well as music by a local MN fav, Ben Kyle.

Check it out, and then check them out. Good riding to you.

The iPhone 5 case from Twig Case Co. September 18 2012

We are happy to announce our fully sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certified case for the iPhone 5, made of the same super-strong Richlite and Bamboo veneer as our iPhone 4 & 4S cases. We are now offering pre-orders of our case at our introductory price of 39 and 59 (engraved). See our iPhone 5 pre-order page for more details. We'll be updating this post with more news, and our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well!

Follow the Frog September 18 2012

As you probably know by now, our cases are not only FSC® certified, but they are also certified by the Rainforest Alliance. What does the Rainforest Alliance do? Check out this video (below), then check out their site, and learn why Twig Case Co. is proud to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

iPhone 5, iPad, mini iPad, and i-everything else August 19 2012

If you read the news, have a TV, or pretty much live in modern society, you know that Apple has a new iPhone in the works. Whether it's called iPhone5, iPhone Extreme-Edition, or just plain iPhone, Twig is going to put a case on it.

We read every single rumor, have operatives deep within the secret halls of Apple, and have even learned two or three words of Chinese in order to bring you our Made in Minnesota, FSC® Certified paper case for the new iPhone - as soon as Apple releases it, we get our hands on it, and work our magic.

What does that mean for the iPhone 4 & 4S case that we currently make?

Apple will be making the iPhone 4S for some time yet, and we'll continue to make our unique FSC® paper case for the 4S (and the 4!) for the foreseeable future.

Is there an iPad case in Twig's future? A mini iPad case? If Apple makes it, we're going to put a case on it. We'll keep you posted.

The Wilco Case July 11 2012

Just finished our official FSC® Certified paper/bamboo Wilco case. We are pretty excited about it, and it looks stunning. I'm pretty certain you don't even have to like Wilco to love this case...though if you've got ears, you most certainly do like Wilco.

Available now from!

Owl illustration from our pals at, old-school makers of bookplates, for real-live books. Go check them out!

Custom Cases July 07 2012

Hey all - thought we'd let you know that we also do custom designs! Want a Twig Case with the logo of your business, band, or favorite art you've done? Let us know - email 

See our custom page for more info. We also can do larger runs with your art, just ask! We'll be posting some pics too.


Twig is open! June 30 2012

 After 10 months of frantic activity, Twig Case Co. is open! Have a look around, pick out a case, and tell your pals! We're happy to answer any questions you may have via email, our FAQ, or see our Facebook page!