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Minneapolis Streetcar Map - Case for iPhone 12/Mini/Pro/Max, Case for iPhone 12/Mini/Pro/Max - Twig Case Co.

Minneapolis Streetcar Map - Case for iPhone 12/Mini/Pro/Max

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Long ago, in the early 1900's, Minneapolis, Minnesota was criss-crossed with streetcar lines. Owned by the Twin City Rapid Transit Company, these lines extended over the most of the metro area and were considered by many to be the finest system in the United States.

In the 50's, pressure from the automobile, Wall Street speculation, and fraud and malfeasance drove the streetcar company under. The lines were torn up, and the streetcars were sold off, or burned.

Here's a map of those streetcar lines, when public transit was truly public - before the automobile became king, before the buses rode over the now empty tracks.

Long live Progress!

Also available in Walnut & Color Paper