I Want to Say Cheese - Walnut Case for iPhone 6/6s & Plus

Twig Case Co.

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The new season of The X-Files has begun, and that reminds us...we've seen a few things in our day. Unexplainable things. Amazing, unbelievable things. We've even seen a couple UFO's, and this case which refers to the mysterious S10E03.

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Every Twig Case is made from Paper, & Stronger than Wood cases!

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The Twig Case is made from trees, but stronger than wood! Our exclusive layered paper called Richlite is fused under tons of pressure, locking the fibers together with a eco-friendly resin. This process makes our cases stronger than any plain wood or wood veneer case. Our hard paper surface is far more dense than wood, so we engrave at double the resolution, and get stronger, more detailed, more durable engravings than wood can handle! Best of all, Twig Case Co. only uses sustainably sourced materials - there's no chance of an endangered tree from a national park, or illegally logged wood being used in your case! Find out how Twig's paper case is better than wood on our FAQ page!

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