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What's a Paperback?


Want the look & feel of a Twig Case, without the case? Perturbed by a protruding camera? Annoyed by antennas? The Paperback is here!

The Paperback is our exclusive amber Bamboo fused to our black Richlite base under tons of pressure. It features beautiful laser-engraved art from talented artists, and it's the only provably sustainable 'sticky back' out there. Paperbacks are adhesive-backed, way more durable than veneer stickers, and are meant to stay on your iPhone.

A Paperback from Twig Case Co. is the stylish way to protect the iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 "sticky-outy" camera lens!

Add a bit of grip, a bit of art, and a bunch of heart to your iPhone!

Paperbacks are not a case, they use a sturdy adhesive that's removable and can be reused a few times before the adhesive will lose its sticky nature. If you're into swapping cases for the day of the week, a Paperback isn't for you. Have a favorite jacket, an old chair that fits you just right, a pair of comfy, broken-in boots that have been everywhere with you? You're a Paperback person.

Paperbacks will protect your iPhone's back from scratches, protect your iPhone 6 & 7 camera lens from damage, and prevent your iPhone from bending. It won't protect your iPhone from drops, tosses, boiling oil, rabid children, or angry bears. If you are subject to these dangers, consider a Twig Case or moving to Marshmallow Land. 


NOTE: There's plenty of cellphone "wood stickers" out there. Most are hardware store veneer with some carpet tape on them, complete with laser cut burn marks. They tear when you remove them, like an old price sticker. They're weak, and look weak. Why would you tape that stuff to your iPhone? ew.

None of them are thick enough to protect your iPhone 6, iPhone 7 camera lens. Only the Paperback from Twig Case Co. is raised past the the iPhone's lens, & only the Paperback from Twig Case Co. will keep that lens from contacting any surface you place it on, even after being laser engraved. Only the Paperback is beveled for comfort, and beauty. The Paperback is where it's at.

Don't see the design you want on a Paperback? Let us know! We'll make it happen.

Paperbacks are warrantied for 6 months against defects. Get one, and decide you're not a Paperback kinda person? It's cool - 30 days to decide! We refund you sans shipping, no problem.

Paperback is approximately 2mm thick, because it's packed with awesome. 


What are you waiting for? Go get one!

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